We live on our off-grid homestead and we enjoy the beauty of the Bulkley Valley as well as the wonderful friends that make this such a special community.  We chose BVCOS as it allows us a less hectic lifestyle and we feel that it gives our kids a diverse educational experience.

As well as the fundamental school subjects, our family also gets to engage in hands on learning of life skills such as raising & butchering animals, gardening, canning, cooking, construction and building which we feel is so valuable for our kids. We enjoy being outside and once our bookwork is done for the day. We will do our own version of PE which includes: snowshoeing, cross country skiing, swimming, hiking, fishing & hunting. Our kids love that spelling can be done while climbing trees and math can be done on the trampoline! It is so neat to watch as their individual interests emerge and grow and homeschooling allows us the time and opportunity to foster these interests.

Although it is hard work schooling 3 diverse children in 3 different grades, the BVCOS program fits our family so very well. BVCOS staff are amazingly supportive of our family and our unique needs. Our kids look forward to their monthly visits from their teacher, and after 4 years, she knows our family very well! We really value our relationships with BVCOS staff and we know that they work very hard behind the scenes to make this bumpy journey be as smooth as possible for our family.

We feel so blessed that we are given this gift of time with our young children – to shepherd them and provide experiences that will not only enrich their life but also aid in their own Christian walk.

 -Karl and Katye