Grades 10-12

Ownership of Learning

The senior grades of highschool are a great time for your young person to really take ownership of their own learning. They can take specialized course selections through online platforms like Moodle, while supervised by their BVCOS teacher. They’ll meet provincial learning standards in a way that is catered to their own interests and strengths, and framed by a Christian understanding of the world. We want our students to graduate as confident citizens, humble lovers of God and neighbour and fully prepared to encounter the world as Christian disciples.

Flexibility for the Future

As always, flexibility is one of the largest benefits of Online School, and students can create a cross-enrollment program to spend more time in the classroom at BVCS, if they wish. As students set their course towards post-secondary, their teacher can work with them in accessing scholarships and bursaries, and accruing experiences that will be relevant to their chosen programs.

If your student is in grades 10-12 and you’re new to Online School, enrolment will be a bit different from our traditional flow. Contact Chris Steenhof to get started (, 250-877-3552).