Admissions Process

Thanks for your interest in Bulkley Valley Christian Online School! We exist to help you educate and raise your kids in a way that inspires them to seek and serve Christ in all areas of life. Admissions to our school is fairly straightforward, and follows the process outlined below.

Step 1: Application

If you’re ready to apply, download and fill an application form, gather additional documents, and email them in to You’ll be given instructions on how to pay the $100 non-refundable registration fee.

Step 2: Assessment

We’ll contact you to determine your learner’s needs and family goals. This step is about making sure we can meet your needs and that your family aligns with our school’s underlying philosophy. We are looking for families who desire to know more about the Christian faith or who wish to continue growing in their faith journeys. 

Step 3: Offer of Admissions

An offer of admissions will be sent once we’ve determined if we’re the right fit! Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll request your child(ren)’s records if they’ve been attending another school, and we’ll begin shaping your schooling!

Step 4: Begin Learning!

At this point you’ll be assigned a teacher and begin working with our staff to shape your learning plan. You can read more about how this works here. Welcome to Bulkley Valley Online School!