Bulkley Valley Christian Online School

Home-based learning from a Christ-centered team.

Bulkley Valley Christian Online School is a wonderful school for families of faith who seek an alternative approach to schooling. Through online school, students can choose to take all or part of their faith-based program at home through the help of online and digital tools.

We were built

for at home learning

Most schools have now tried their hands at home-based learning, but BVCOS was built for it. Teachers are flexible, sensitive to the diverse needs within families and work with you to make an educational plan that suits your family’s style.

We are a community

created for connection

We know that the nature of educating at home  means that community connections can be limited. But you’re not in this alone! Through technology and a partnership with our bricks and mortar school, we work hard to keep every family thriving. We also believe in partnering with other community organizations to support your child’s learning.

We have a vision

that promotes “more”

As a Christian school we believe strongly in God’s design for this world. This means weaving our Christian worldview through every topic and field of study. This also means a commitment to helping your learner and your family grow in faith and understanding of God’s word. If you are new to Christianity or have been on the journey for a long time, we have resources that can meet you where you’re at.

News & Events

Theme Day

Thursday Nov 25, 2021 We'll spend the day focussing on a Biblical worldview theme as a school through games, cross-grade learning, special guests and other activities. Parents are welcome to join. More information to follow.

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“We have been homeschooling through BVCOS since 2012. Through the many curveballs of family life, the school has been incredibly supportive. They have offered timely guidance, resources, and encouragement all along this journey. I had no idea how to “homeschool” our children, but partnering with this school made it feel possible right from the get-go and gave me the courage to pursue this rewarding route of education for our family.”