The BVCS BVCOS program offers support and curriculum to parents wishing to homeschool their children. There are several wonderful ladies who keep this ship sailing smoothly. First, there is Monique. Monique is currently the principal for BVCOS. She doesn’t have a whole lot to do with us homeschoolers on a regular basis, but any interactions we do have with her are lovely. She is a friendly and Christ centred lady who has an infectious smile. Next, there is Helga. We are so thankful for Helga’s knowledge and support with the curriculum. She has first-hand knowledge about homeschooling as she homeschooled her own 5 children for many years. She is very helpful when picking out the curriculum that we will use for the year. She also understands the struggles that parents can face when homeschooling their children day in and day out and is always available to give advice or a listening ear. Our ‘teacher’, Natasha, is a wonderful God-loving woman who is so encouraging to our children. She keeps in touch with us through weekly emails asking us about what we are learning in one or two subjects, and she visits or calls monthly. She’s responsible for checking all the boxes that are required by the government. I am thankful that she is available to edit writing assignments as that is a task that I don’t feel confident doing. This is currently our 5th year homeschooling through the BVCS BVCOS. We’ve made many good memories through the years joining the bricks and mortar for basketball and ski days. We’ve always been invited to activities and there have even been some fun BVCOS gym and potluck dinner nights through the years. If you are looking for support, encouragement, and a Christian education for your children we highly recommend this program.