Updated February 2021

General Notes:

  • BVCOS operates such that most learning takes place either at home or at/with 3rd party service providers.
  • 3rd party service providers (regulated and unregulated as defined by the Ministry of Education) such as recreation centers, libraries, piano instructors, etc have covid plans relevant to their specific and unique requirements, a copy of which is on file with BVCOS.
  • Unregulated 3rd party service providers’ plans have been checked to ensure compliance with the school’s COVID plan
  • Students are encouraged to learn outside where possible when connecting with people outside their household.
  • BVCOS students participating in Bulkley Valley Christian School’s brick and mortar campus activities are considered part of the cohort for their grade level. The brick and mortar and BVCOS students make up cohorts well below the maximum numbers allowed under current health regulations.
  • When at the brick and mortar campus, BVCOS students follow the brick and mortar COVID plan
  • While on campus, BVCOS students are subject to the COVID plans and protocols of the brick and mortar campus.
  • Masks are not required if students remain in their cohorts in K-7
  • Masks are required for students in grades 8-12 unless they are at their workstation, eating and drinking, participating in PE, or extra-curricular activities
  • Masks are required for all BVCOS staff when meeting face to face

While we recognize that currently transmission amongst students is low, procedures are in place to provide protection from disease as much as possible

Safe and Healthy behaviours: Students and staff

  • In general, when learning outside the home environment, students will be asked to stay home when sick, wash hands frequently, and sneeze/cough into their elbows. Students should also avoid touching their faces if possible.
  • Students and staff will also wear masks if physical distancing is not possible
  • Before allowing 3rd party service providers in their homes, or before engaging in learning activities outside the home that put them in contact with others, parents are responsible for ensuring that they and/or their child is healthy and not displaying the following COVID symptoms:
    • Most common symptoms:
      • fever
      • dry cough
      • tiredness
      • Less common symptoms: aches and pains
      • sore throat
      • diarrhoea
      • conjunctivitis
      • headache
      • loss of taste or smell
      • a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes
  • With proper precautions such as physical distancing, wearing of masks, hand sanitizing, in-person services will continue to be provide for students with special needs.

Should face to face support not be possible, due to illness or changing orders, every effort will be made to provide online supports to our students with special needs.

Safety and Health for staff

The following protocols should be followed by staff (teachers, assistants, etc) when interacting with students in person:

  • If either the staff member or student is sick, he/she should stay home.
  • If staff are visiting the student’s home, he/she should not do so if either they, the student or anyone in the student’s family is ill.
  • All should cough, sneeze into their elbows
  • Staff are required to wear masks when interacting with students, especially indoors and when transporting students.
  • Staff should attempt to maintain a physical distance of 2 meters as much as possible
  • Hands should be washed/sanitized frequently
  • Avoid touching the face and eyes
  • School equipment being should be sanitized before use
  • Staff and students are encouraged to make use of technology for connecting virtually.

If you suspect at case of COVID

  • Call the following for what steps to take next: tel:1-844-645-7811 (Northern Health Covid virtual clinic and help line)

Procedures for when a case of COVID is identified in the school community:

  • Be calm, be kind, be safe
  • Protect the confidentiality of affected individuals
  • The school may have to act before hearing from Public Health, especially if their response times are slow.
  • Follow the directions of public health officials when it comes to isolating at home and other health directives.
  • Send appropriate communication to families and staff as required.
  • Avoid rumors and speculation
  • Be patient and gracious with one another!

Communication Plan

  • A letter went home to parents outlining their responsibility in COVID management with relation to the family’s BVCOS activities
  • In the event of a COVID exposure/case in the school community, BVCOS will utilize the prepared statements (already on file ready to go) to communicate as needed with parents, realizing that in BVCOS, it is extremely unlikely that any other students/families than the one affected by COVID will be impacted.
  • We use email, mail chimp, texts, private Facebook page and phone calls to communicate.
  • Staff will not comment to the media and will refer all requests to administration (Tom Grasmeyer or Monique Vanderwart).