Our Vision

BVCOS shares the same vision statement, constitution and policies of the Christian School Society of Smithers and Telkwa.

The focus of BVCOS is to provide Christian support and assistance to parents who choose to educate their children at home. We wish to provide a quality program that emphasizes the sovereignty of God over his entire creation. Our aim is to have students develop strong relationships with God, family, peers and siblings. We also stress the importance of Christian community and the Christian responsibilities that are associated with it. We wish to provide guidance and direction for those parents who wish to educate their children at home, both in the Bulkley Valley and in other areas of British Columbia.


In joyful obedience to Christ, the Bulkley Valley Christian School community strives to provide a comprehensive program of quality instruction that is shaped by a Reformed understanding of the Scriptures. We recognize our need to personally know God in Christ through his Spirit and Word. It is out of this relationship that we encourage and teach our students to develop a view of life and creation that is centered in God.

Students are led to appreciate, understand and evaluate the world so that, as they grow in faith and knowledge, they will take up the challenge to bring the healing power of Christ to all areas of life.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide parents with resources and expertise to make their child’s educational experience as rewarding as possible. In creating a learning plan for your child, we offer a large variety of resources and learning opportunities to allow each child to reach his or her potential. We believe we offer a staff who is able to deliver on this promise.


Our Philosophy

We are committed to a solid Christian education based on reformed principles, affirming the sovereignty of God over his entire creation.

We are committed to establishing a quality program, allowing parents and students to achieve excellence in various fields of study.

We are committed to flexibility. We wish to allow parents flexibility in developing their programs while adhering to Ministry standards and expectations. We also wish to allow local parents to access the programs and resources of our Bricks and Mortar program.

We are committed to providing parents with curriculum, resources, instructional direction and encouragement, through a variety of learning opportunities.

We want to provide local support for parents. We believe that learning happens through a strong, healthy relationship between the student, parent and teacher.