Bulkley Valley Christian Distributed Learning
Mind. Heart. Service.

Our Staff

Monique VanderWart

Monique is our DL Principal and looks after the K – 9 portion of the school. She can be reached at mvanderwart@bvcs.ca.

Chris Steenhof

Chris is our DL Vice Principal and a teacher in the program. He administers the high school program as well as teaches several high school courses. He can be reached at csteenhof@bvcdl.ca 

Helga Steenhof

Helga is the resource manager and administrative assistant in the program. She can be reached at hsteenhof@bvcdl.ca

Aleeda Vis

Aleeda is one of our kindergarten through grade 9 teachers. She has a lot of experience in different educational settings. She can be reached at avis@bvcdl.ca

Natasha Bandstra

Natasha Bandstra has teaching experience in our bricks and mortar school. She can be reached at nbandstra@bvcdl.ca

Glenda Posthuma

Glenda is the Bbusiness Administrator for both our DL school and our bricks and mortar school. She can be reached at gposthuma@bvcs.ca