Bulkley Valley Christian Distributed Learning
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Our aim is to provide parents with resources and expertise to make your child's educational experience as rewarding as possible.

In creating a learning plan for your child, we offer a large variety of resources and learning opportunities to allow each child to reach his or her potential. We believe we offer a staff who is able to deliver on this promise. We run three programs.

How Things Work

After enrolling your children at BVCDL, a teacher will be assigned to work with your child(ren). This teacher, in consultation with the parent, the administrator, and the curriculum coordinator, will create a learning plan that meets the needs of the family and follows the requirements of the ministry regarding DL. An SLP (Student Learning Plan) will be created which will outline the following:

  • Objectives for each subject area
  • Learning strategies and activities for each subject area
  • Learning resources to be used in each subject area to reach those objectives
  • Evaluation techniques and strategies to measure and assess learning
  • A timeline outlining when the learning plan for that subject area will be completed

This SLP will form the core of your child’s educational program. It is a living document and can be adjusted if necessary during the school year.
Each parent must submit work on a regular basis to the teacher for assessment. This work may be delivered by regular mail, by electronic means, and/or by dropping it off to the DL office or the elementary school. Each student and parent will also meet (physically or virtually) with the teacher regularly for assessment purposes. During these meetings the teacher will employ both informal (conversations, observations) and formal (tests, reading samples) means of assessment.

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Cross Enrollment

Cross enrolment allows students enrolled in other schools, including "Bricks and Mortar" schools and public schools, to access individual courses at our school.

Standard Plan

The standard plan allows parents to use resource packages created by our curriculum coordinator.

Individualized Plan

The individualized plan allows parents to have input into creating a learning plan for their child.