Bulkley Valley Christian Distributed Learning
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Western Night

Location: Bulkley Valley Christian School ยท 3575 14th Avenue, Smithers

Put on your best belt buckle, step into those boots, pull on yer hat and saunter over to the Root Beer Saloon for a boot-stompin' tummy-fillin' time. Sink yer forks into a good square meal, then push back the table and line up for some square dancin' and such. We'll have live music, side-bustin' skits, the best vittles this side of the Red River and a room full of pardners for you to swing round and round.

Come in your Western apparel (clean your boots of anything they may have picked up in the barn). Leave the horses outside (they won't mind). Don't forget yer chequebook…this is a fundraisin' time for the school (keeps the little 'uns learnin' bout stuff).

Keep watchin' for more details!